Welcome to Able Truss – specialist suppliers of;

  • Roof Trusses
  • Floor Trusses and Joists (including Longreach, Pryda Span and I Joists),
  • Prefabricated Wall Frames, and
  • Framing material (timber, including LVL and flooring).

We are an Australian owned, family business with over 15 years in the Melbourne truss industry and 35 years in construction within the Greater Melbourne area.

Able Truss prides itself on its ability to provide you with accurate, professional service no matter what the job. Whether it be roof trusses, floor trusses or wall frames for;

  • a standard house, or three storey architect designed home,
  • a commercial development,
  • multi level, multi unit project,or 
  • an extension or renovation,

Nothing is too big or small for our staff to handle. Give us a call, we have excellent staff (from around the world, including Malta, Vietnam, and the United Kingdom ) and we'd love to hear from you. We'd love to work with you in developing a solution that best meets your needs.

When combined with quality and service at a competitive price - we'll work with you to make your life easier.

Backed by technology and a passion for what we do, we’ll provide your truss solutions through;

  • accurate, no obligation quotes
  • constant updates
  • quality products at a competitive prices, and
  • excellent service including prompt and reliable delivery.
Guaranteed quality, personalised service!
If we can help you in any way with your timber truss, frame or timber needs, drop in and see us at 

179 Fairbairn Road, West Sunshine 

or call us on 

9364 9544

.  Alternatively, email us at sales@abletruss.com.au

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A: 179 Fairbairn Road, West Sunshine
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E: sales@abletruss.com.au 
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