Roof Trusses
  • Complete roof truss package delivered on site to you by crane truck with easy to follow layout plan and construction manual
  • Hip ends fully trussed and mitred
  • All bracing and brackets for roof trusses included with detailed legend computerised layouts
  • Inexpensive cathedral ceilings through the use of scissor trusses
  • Curved roofs or ceilings and attic spaces not a problem with roof trusses
  • Easy to create complicated roof recesses and bulk heads
  • No messy timber lists
  • No warping or shrinkage as all timbers used are dried timbers 

Wall Frames
Our prefabricated walls are manufactured from kiln dried timber and/or kiln dried hardwood/LVL where necessary.  All of the necessary components are ready to erect and are delivered on site to you by crane truck with easy to read layouts.
  • Fully engineered and full bracing layouts supplied to Australian Codes
  • One call and complete frame package can be delivered with no need to organise timber lists, or have to run to site when a shortage of timber arises.
  • No on-site theft of timber – no over ordering of materials.
  • Quicker erection times, lowering insurance costs
  • Complete wall package delivered to site by crane truck with easy to follow layout plan and erecting instructions.
  • We can manufacture termite treated wall frames

Longreach Floor Trusses
Constructed from kiln dried pine and F17 hardwood/LVL using a rigid timber webbing system. Depths range from 200mm – 400mm and spans to suit any application.  Longreach Floor trusses are cost effective in both the domestic and commercial markets. Benefits include;
  • Lightness and strength
  • Facility to run heating ducts/pipes between truss webbing
  • Reduced risk of shrinkage and squeaks
  • Open web design allows for easy installation of services
  • Stiffer floors, less bounce than steel webbed systems
  • Quick and easy installation, no solid blocking, all cut to size
  • Ability to design with steps to allow for rebates.
  • Larger and longer spans than steel webbed systems.  Without the bounce or noise
  • Comparative spans to F17 hardwood without the high price
  • No on site damage unlike steel webbed systems
  • No warping or shrinkage due to all timbers used are dried timbers
  • No restrictions in specific heights which allow us to meet uncommon height requirements

Pryda Span (metal web) Floor Trusses
Pryda Span trusses have metal diagonal webs for light weight and economy Pryda Span is manufactured using light gauge metal webs and are lighter than Longreach, but this is considered during the design process. The metal web system can be very cost-effective, especially if the truss chords have reserve capacity, as is often the case. The nail plates and Pryda Span metal webs are made to exacting standards from Bluescope© steel with a minimum of Z275 corrosion protective Zinc coating.
  • Lightweight in comparison to Longreach
  • Ease of access for ducting/cabling
  • Ideal for shallower depths where more space is required for services
  • Metal webs can be staggered providing a more cost effective floor
  • Restricted to 250mm & 300mm depths by the metal webs

Structural Timber Framing

We can provide any timber required for your framing requirements.  From the smallest 70x35 MGP10 right up to a massive 630x130 Unilam Pine GL13 beam.  We can also supply termite treated timbers.